12 years of experience

Thanks to our solutions you will be sure that your sorting system will work reliably and with long-term technical support.

Avicon is a company known in the industrial world, with many successful projects and integration in the field of machine vision. Our systems successfully support production lines, both in Poland and abroad.

AVISCAN is the result of many years of experience combined with in-depth market analysis. This innovative approach has resulted in an extremely flexible, modular solution for sorting products.


Establishment of AVICON

Implementation of the first applications, both for industrial and scientific sectors.


First vision systems

Specializes in all kinds of inspection and control applications.

Vision Systems

Sorter design

Creating from scratch an optical sorter with the advantages of vision systems.

AVISCAN Creation

AVISCAN Implementation

Presentation of a ready-made solution at Automaticon Trade Fair.

AVISCAN Presentation

AVICON Advanced Vision Control is a company specializing in applications in the field of machine vision. We specialize in solutions addressed to industrial, scientific, sports and related fields, such as R&D and startups. Since 2006, we have implemented many applications supporting production lines in Poland and abroad. Close cooperation with global leaders in machine vision, such as Basler, Fujinon, Metaphase, allows us to be up to date with technical innovations and offer highest quality products.

Since the beginning, Avicon has been involved in the integration of vision systems. Thanks to our solutions, high-performance product control is possible. Typical vision tasks include searching for defects (inclusions, discolorations), checking the presence and position of labels, checking product completeness and text-based OCV. Thanks to machine vision, it’s also possible to identify products based on reading 1D and 2D codes, alphanumeric OCR marks or comparing a product image with a previously created model database.

The experience gained during many years of presence in the vision systems world allowed us to take up another challenge, which was to create a modular optical sorter. Substantive approach to the problem and innovative ideas resulted in receiving an EU subsidy for the implementation of the machine prototype. Access to advanced vision technologies, including high-speed cameras, enabled us to carry out detailed tests and develop specific solutions.

After two years of work and research, the project was successfully completed, and the final success was the presentation of a fully operational device at Automaticon in 2018. Since then, Avicon has not only been a distributor and integrator of vision systems, but also a manufacturer of optical sorters. Our solutions are characterized by high performance and flexibility, allowing for wide customization, both in terms of the application and available space.

We also undertake custom realization of vision systems as well as optical sorters. Our engineers are at your service for inquiries and technical support. Avicon also provides full after-sales support as part of the solution package. Thanks to the modular design, our systems can be further developed to meet the growing demands of our customers, and in the event of a failure, we provide service throughout the country, both remotely and on-site. This process is facilitated by the fact that AVISCAN is our original design, so we know these devices from scratch. We invite you to contact us for both optical sorters and other tasks in the field of machine vision.