AVISCAN is a family of optical sorters, developed from scratch by the Polish company AVICON. The fully modular design of our machines allows you to configure the machines specifically for your application, both in terms of functionality and performance. Two design variants: for dry or wet products, and food contact adaptations, make AVISCAN a machine that is suitable for both the food industry as well as for recycling.  Cooperation with many types of conveying systems and vibrating feeders allows for a wide range of sorted products, both in terms of size, shape and material specificity.

AVISCAN is a fully modular design. Each system of the device is available in several options, allowing you to fully customize the device for a specific application. Depending on the type of sorted product, AVISCAN is available in a configuration with a chute, belt feeder or even in a mixed configuration, which is a combination of these two elements. In addition, our devices can cooperate with various types of vibrating feeders, as well as have properly selected cameras to meet the requirements, and at the same time remain a cost-optimal solution. Our optical sorters also have the ability to customize the configuration according to the required performance - simply add one sorting module to double the performance.

How does AVISCAN work?

The material is poured into a hopper, from where it is fed to a vibrating feeder. AVISCAN sorters can be equipped with various types of feeding mechanisms, depending on the type of sorted product. The AVISCAN separation system is available in two variants: chute or belt conveyor. For most applications, the first option will be a suitable solution - the objects accelerated on the chute can achieve higher speeds, thanks to which the efficiency of such a system is also higher. An additional advantage of this solution is the possibility of double-sided viewing and the fact that it is easier to stabilize round products on it. A belt feeder is a better solution if you want to observe the products already on the belt.  In this case, it will provide a uniform background for efficient control. By observing the products still on the belt, you can extend the time it takes to make a decision. When it comes to the economic aspect, a cheaper and less space consuming solution is a chute optical sorter. In addition, the AVISCAN sorters are equipped with a patented technology to level the speed of objects with different densities, so that the products can be shot with higher precision. The chutes are specially adapted to specific products by special channels, whose shape and size are individually matched to the material size. Exceptions are plastic flakes, which are sorted using flat chutes.


AVISCAN optical sorters are also available in a mixed configuration with a chute and conveyor in one device. This option will be suitable where a belt solution is required, but there is not enough space to install a complete belt conveyor the feeders have one main task - to minimize the thickness of the material layer to enable efficient and detailed product sorting. The AVISCAN maintains its high performance and accuracy regardless of the selected configuration.

The AVISCAN optical system consists of the latest CMOS line scan cameras, which are available in single- or double-sided configuration.  Along with high-resolution lenses, the resulting image is detailed enough to detect defects up to a fraction of a millimeter in size.

AVISCAN optical sorters can perform functions:

- Color sorting

- Shape and size sorting

- Rejection of foreign materials and contaminants

Depending on the operating parameters, the software detects the indicated features in the images and controls the ejectors, which remove unwanted and defective products. Material compliant with the requirements continues the free fall and reaches the hopper.

The product obtained with AVISCAN optical sorters has a purity of more than 99% and can be re-inspected if necessary.

This process is a sorting process carried out on a single sorting module. AVISCAN machines allow you to assemble several of these modules in applications where more efficiency is needed.

The AVISCAN family of machines combines high efficiency and effectiveness of sorting, compactness and ergonomics as well as high performance at an affordable price:

  • State-of-the-art patented technology - thanks to research and analysis, we have developed and patented our proprietary technology, which allows us to obtain equal free fall velocity of products with different densities. Our sorters allow you to achieve accuracy close to 100% of correctly sorted material.
  • Modular design for flexible configuration - the AVISCAN sorters family is a fully modular design, allowing for any configuration depending on the application. Feeder options with chute or conveyor belt allow the machine to be adapted to the available space, as well as to sort both dry and wet products. The performance can also be adapted to the requirements of the application by increasing the number of sorting modules.
  • Full service - AVISCAN is a construction designed completely from scratch by the Polish company AVICON. Both hardware and software are our own solutions. We provide full support in the installation and commissioning of devices at the target workplace, as well as in the case of service and configuration changes.
  • Adapted to work in the food industry - our solution is adapted to work with both food and industrial products. Depending on the settings, one device can work with different types of products. Our sorters can distinguish between objects by color, shape, detect foreign inclusions, such as shells, stones, and surface defects.
  • Advanced image acquisition system - the combination of the latest CMOS cameras with high quality lenses guarantees clear images that expose even the smallest defects.
  • Intelligent sorting algorithm - optimized software allows you to achieve high performance in any mode of operation.
  • Efficient and reliable LED lighting - for the needs of AVISCAN, we have created our own original illuminator, so we can be sure that our systems will work as we expect.

Easy to use - user-friendly interface, allowing for trouble-free operation by unqualified personnel. The AVISCAN sorters HMI has full functionality - changing the sorting parameters will take you a moment.

The following specification describes exemplary parameters of a single AVISCAN sorter module. The specification will vary depending on the type of sorted material and the number of modules used. In order to determine the actual specification, please contact us via the contact form.

Working width of a single module
320 mm
Capacity of a single module
Up to 2000 kg/h, depending on the application
Size of supported objects
1–25 mm
High-resolution CMOS
Max Power Required
1.5 kW
Max Air Consumption
108 l/s